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Connecting yesterday with today, to power tomorrow....


Mission Statement


To facilitate the transitional economy from carbon based fuels to the New Climate Economy through the simple implementation of zero-emission technologies in industrial and commercial applications to reduce fuel costs.


​Products developed by Solar Intermodal Corp are designed for the transition to carbon less fuels, expanded use of zero-emission technology and the support in production of green hydrogen by connecting yesterday with today, to power tomorrow.


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Help us be the leading global standard in transition to a cleaner future!

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The SBU System is designed to power traction motors, charge battery banks, provide zero-emission energy to the grid and produce green hydrogen.

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Green hydrogen is produced from water by separating hydrogen from oxygen through electrolysis powered by our zero-emission SBU System.


Adoption of renewable energy technologies has always been the challenge.  However, the transition is upon us.  Today, hydrogen freight vehicles and hydrogen fueling stations are being developed simultaneously.

Solar Intermodal serves to bolster zero-emission initiatives by extending the range of locomotives and EV freight vehicles through the use of its SBU System. The expectation is a tremendous reduction in diesel fuel costs. 

Our focus has been on the development of connecting the old with the new through simple application.  Our SBU System accommodates the current means of operations in logistics and utilizes a zero-emission energy source in green hydrogen production. 

Solar Intermodal connecting yesterday with today, to power tomorrow....