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Mission Statement


To facilitate the transitional economy from carbon based fuels to the New Climate Economy through the simple implementation of zero-emission technologies in industrial and commercial applications to reduce fuel costs.


​Products developed by Solar Intermodal Corp are designed for the transition to carbon less fuels, expanded use of zero-emission technology and the support in production of green hydrogen by connecting yesterday with today, to power tomorrow.


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The SBU System is designed to power traction motors, charge battery banks, provide zero-emission energy to the grid and produce green hydrogen.

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Green hydrogen is produced from water by separating hydrogen from oxygen through electrolysis powered by our zero-emission SBU System.


Adoption of renewable energy technologies has always been the challenge.  However, the transition is upon us.  Today, hydrogen freight vehicles and hydrogen fueling stations are being developed simultaneously.

Solar Intermodal serves to bolster zero-emission initiatives by extending the range of locomotives and EV freight vehicles through the use of its SBU System. The expectation is a tremendous reduction in diesel fuel costs. 

Our focus has been on the development of connecting the old with the new through simple application.  Our SBU System accommodates the current means of operations in logistics and utilizes a zero-emission energy source in green hydrogen production. 


Own the Future of Logistics Energy

Solar Intermodal provides a means to divide the electrical loads of diesel-electric locomotives and extends the range of EV trucks through cascading connection of conventional solar panels on freight rail cars and tractor trailer trucks.  The goal is to make diesel fuel a backup energy source in freight logistics.

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Reasons to Invest

1) Energy supply relative to population growth must keep pace in order of maintaining the current global standard of living. Modern civilization requires an enormous amount of energy.  The world demands more energy and fossil fuels are finite.

2) The argument of climate change has divided the world, where some believe in its perils and others are skeptical.  Great strides in the reduction of pollution have made water and air cleaner.  Rise above the climate argument, and help advance the human species by investing in a cleaner future to prevent global disaster or preserve domestic oil reserves by using fewer gallons of diesel fuel.


3) Our solution, the SBU System, is scalable to trains and EV trucks on a global scale.  Adoption of the SBU System is designed to be rapid due to existing mass produced technology.  Solar Panels are a commodity and can be arranged in the combinations devised by Solar Intermodal in the freight industry to use less fuel.  Most applications require no batteries.  Locomotives have electric drive-trains; the solar panels are connected in parallel with the diesel generator offsetting the amount of fuel burned.  Batteries are optional.  Less lithium required from foreign adversaries.

The Problem – Clean Energy Adoption and Transition

The logistics industry relies on diesel fuel to function and has so for the past century.  The capital expenditures to acquire cleaner technology equipment are high with unforeseen risks.  An easier means of adopting existing clean technology is required to transition to a more zero-emission form of operations to achieve the carbon neutral pledges that large corporations have made.  Hydrogen fuel is a promising source of clean energy, but lacks an infrastructure.  The most cost effective means to become carbon neutral today is with solar energy.  Energy demands are rising and adoption of use of solar energy in heavy industry has always been thwarted by cheap fossil fuels.  Fuel costs affect prices of consumer products due to the expense to logistics operators.  A reduction in fuel costs through the use of existing zero-emission technology will drive adoption and growth in the transition to a more carbon neutral operating environment.    

The Solution – the SBU System operates with existing equipment, driving adoption of use globally

The SBU System by Solar Intermodal is simple technology already in existence today and is implemented by attaching to existing equipment with minimal upgrades already standard and regulated in the railroad industry.  Photo-voltaic cells are the only form of zero-emission energy production that is economical today at utility scale levels.  Alternative fuels are not zero-emission and batteries charged by the grid are not guaranteed to be zero-emission.  Railroads haul the most amount of tonnage per gallon of diesel fuel than any other means of logistics.  Increasing its efficiency by making diesel fuel a back up energy source can keep consumer prices nominal through lower fuel costs.  The EV Truck market benefits through use of the SBU System by extending the range limitations of the current battery technology. While idle, both can be plugged into the grid to sell excess zero-emission energy or power electrolyzers to generate green hydrogen as its infrastructure is developed.

The Market – The Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity

Competition in clean energy and global funding in ESG initiatives has reached an all time high. Most companies are developing new technologies rather than finding ways to connect the plentiful technology we have today with industries that are lagging in cleaner energy technology.  The world runs on fossil fuels.  Our standard of living is a direct result of the energy from fossil fuels.  If mining coal and drilling for oil are permanently limited, the market is forced to find cleaner alternatives to fulfill the insatiable energy demands of the world.


What We Do – Connecting yesterday with today, to power tomorrow…

Solar Intermodal is a research and development company that provides the means to use solar panel arrays in industrial and commercial applications in what are normally untenable locations.

The Business Model

Solar Intermodal serves markets in transportation efficiencies, renewable energy generation and real estate that support zero-emission energy production.  Revenue is derived from 1) sales, leasing, and licensing of its SBU System, 2) resale, or leasing of solar panels, 3) energy generation through solar generation on company real estate, and 4) zero-emission hydrogen generation and manufacturing through electrolysis and distribution of hydrogen.

Long Term Vision – Facilitate the Transitional Economy

Solar Intermodal’s long term vision is to facilitate the transitional economy from carbon-based fuels to the “new climate economy” through the simple implementation of zero-emission technologies in industrial and commercial applications for climate sustainability and reduced fuel costs. 

Why Invest

You can invest in any solar energy company on the market today, an absolutely saturated market, and that company will be no different than any other solar company with slimmer and slimmer margins or you can invest in Solar Intermodal, the company that has targeted the transition of an entire specific industry with no other identified competitors to date.

Solar Intermodal Corp is at the construction phase of building its prototype designs of the SBU System for testing and proof of concept.  Our clients have asked for a full scale working prototype demonstration.  The minimum capital raise under this offering of $250,000 is to be held in escrow.  Once escrow is breached, operations in activities of building the prototypes will commence.

Please read the offering circular for specific details of the risks associated with this capital raise.  

Offering Circular

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